Diamond Assessment Initiative March 2017

MConsulting Solutions has partnered with Diamond Assessments to provide Sales Behavioural Assessments as part of all retained search assignments.

The Diamond Assessments™ – Learning and Development Tool was developed in the interests of improving the proficiency of sales and account management people interacting with customers, whether they are direct B2B sales people or those selling into a sales channel.

The assessment tool was based on the close observation of the behaviours of high-performance sales people over the past 20+ years.

The Assessment has been validated extensively with “real people under battle conditions”. It’s highly accurate when it comes to comparing assessment results with actual performance.

It is very practical and down to earth with no hint of the theoretical.

Diamond Assessments™ provides measurable feedback on an individual’s sales behaviour and creates a framework for management and sales people to have a new conversation…. leading to immediate opportunities for performance improvement.

The fully online tool firstly measures the level of “vital behaviors” exhibited by sales people while at the same time providing a meaningful and relevant foundation for learning, coaching and development.

The vital sales behaviours directly relate to four key sales behaviours – Insight, Initiatives, Customer Value and Cadence…. all with the core element of Relevancy.

Taking approximately 15 minutes to complete, the Assessment consists of a 40-question, Sales Person self-assessment survey – covering both the Consistency and Effectiveness of their sales behaviours with reports generally have a turnaround time of 24 hours.

Designed for B2B Sales Roles and Managers MConsulting Solutions will for the first time include the survey at no additional cost for all Permanent and Executive Recruitment Processes in March. To view a sample report download your free copy simply click on our secure link:


For additional details regarding the report or to find our more about including the survey at no additional cost in your next recruitment process contact us directly as per our details below or from our contact us page: