As a client it is important that you receive a tailored solution to your current staffing need and each process is designed in consultation and collaboration with you to ensure the best possible outcome balanced across your budget and timeline. Importantly our services come with a commitment to being measured upon agreed milestones which include:

  • A single point of contact throughout your recruitment program
  • Adherence to agreed upon timelines
  • Regular communication commitments
  • Access to statistical analysis of your process including access to all expressions of interest
  • A break down of where you applications have been sourced: Passive Vs Active Candidates
  • Gender analysis reporting
  • A commitment to face to face interviews and written report prior to receiving any application
  • Post placement follow up with candidate until their first anniversary of employment

Interested in learning more? Head to our contact page to arrange a consultation for us to ensure you are getting the best possible solution and service for your next recruitment need.